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Meet The Team

Chasity Davidon.jpg

Chasity davidson

Community Organizer and Outreach Coordinator

Rochelle Jackson BWPC.jpg

rochelle l. jackson

Erin Jackson pic.png

erin jackson

Client & Community Engagement Specialist

Tamara Brookes.jpg

tamara brooks

Client & Community Engagement Specialist

Brittney Jackson.jpg

Brittney Jackson


Charisse alexander

Eric Ewell

Director of Continuing Education

Penn State Greater Allegheny Campus


Dr. Danielle Davis

Training and Development Consultant

Davis Consulting Solutions


Jennifer Modell, Esq.

Supervising Attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services


Cassandra Brown

Board Treasurer – Nurse Practitioner

Pittsburgh Public Schools and co-owner of Jireh Mobile


Michele Tedder 

Board Chair – Director of the Health Professions Opportunity Grant program, CCAC


Nurse Practitioner (retired)

Celeste Benzo

Community Stakeholder

Dannai Wilson

Program Manager

Maternal and Child Health Program

Allegheny County Department of Health


Government Affairs Consultant

The Noire Group

Cleveland Ohio

John Denny


Denny Civic Solutions


Carol Bracket 

Allegheny County DHS Area on Agency on Aging (retired)

Meet our board of directors

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