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Our Signature Programs

Amplify Your Voice Advocacy Training Bootcamp


Black women should be trusted as experts and centered in policy. If the Greater Pittsburgh region is to become a more livable city for Black women, it is time that we are heard and not just seen. There is power in our collective voices! The BWPA Amplify Your Voice is an annual five-week Advocacy Training Bootcamp for Black women. Why Black women? Because our voices have been silenced and many of us feel invisible. Our mission is to transform the Greater Pittsburgh region to a region where Black women are merely surviving to a place where we are thriving.


This bootcamp is meant to empower and educate, as well as give Black women the tools and tips they need to be confident, effective voices in our communities and beyond. A small cohort of women are selected to participate and provided with technology and a stipend to support their participation.


empowerment institute
for women


The Empowerment Institute for Women is designed to empower, educate, and position Black women to amplify their voices in policy, to be effective advocates for their community and to be empowered to change their circumstances from surviving to thriving.


We provide Black women with the tools and tips they need to be confident, effective voices in our community and beyond through our Amplify Your Voice Advocacy Bootcamp Training, Transforming Thru Your Trauma Training, Step-Up: Black Girls Lead Advocacy Training and Advisory Committee, Black Women Supported Group Therapy, Group Life Coaching/Skills Training and our Business and Leadership Development Center for Black Women.  

Policy Agenda

resource navigation


The BWPC team is here to help you navigate the complex world of public benefits and social services. We understand that navigating the social service system can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to help. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable case managers will work with you to understand your needs and connect you with the resources that are right for you.

  • Eviction Assistance 

  • Utilities 

  • Public Benefits

  • Advocacy

  • Childcare

  • WIC

  • Housing Assistance


one voice, One agenda podcast


Long before Pittsburgh garnered the title as one of the worst places for Black women to live, Black women called out racial and gender inequities on the job, in their communities, in their children’s schools, in healthcare systems and anywhere they endured racism. But no matter how loud they raised their voices, their words often fell on deaf ears of people in positions of power. If Pittsburgh is serious about dismantling white supremacy, it must listen to Black women. Women who stand at the intersection of race and gender. Women who both suffer from oppression and rise to challenge unfair systems.


Listen to Black Women – Our Voices, Our Agenda will provide a platform that centers and amplifies the voices of Black women--all women across all identities. Women who know what it's like to be culturally silenced. The podcast will serve as a bold voice for policy and practice changes that improve the lives of Black women in the Greater Pittsburgh region. We will build a platform that ensures that our voices are heard and propelled to the center of policy discussions. We will raise awareness about issues impacting Black women and the policy solutions to help achieve racial and gender justice. And lastly, we will meet some phenomenal local Black women with some amazing stories and experiences.

Life Skills

Life Skills training 


Life skills are not taught in school, but these skills are necessary. Life skills take time to cultivate but development and understanding that there is always room for improvement to be our best self. Life skills are skills required to manage the activities and challenges of everyday life. Mastering and developing these skills can improve all areas of your life from work to relationships. They will allow you to handle almost everything better. Some of these skills include:


  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Decision-making

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Self-awareness

  • Assertiveness

  • Resilience

  • Employability skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Time management

  • Organizing skills

  • Anger management

  • Parenting skills

  • Basic budgeting

Life Coaching

Life coaching/mentoring


The BWPC wants to see you be the best you can be and accomplish all that you were created for. Our life coaches will help you maximize your full potential. We will be your support and trusted adviser in one. We will work with you on setting goals and hold you accountable for taking the steps necessary to achieving your goals. We will be your personal cheerleader, encouraging you along the way!

General support

General Support 

for single and grieving moms


The BWPC understands the unique challenges single mothers face as well the void left behind when a child is lost to violence. We want to create a community of support and build relationships with others who can empathize with what you are going through. We will connect you to counseling and therapy when appropriate as well as other supportive services.

Emergency Crisis Fund


Black women in the Greater Pittsburgh region are struggling now more than ever. Affordable Quality Housing in this region has become one of the biggest challenges. Poverty is the #1 issue for Black women in our region and the places Black women can turn to for help is limited. We are creating an Emergency Crisis Fund to be able to provide financial support to Black women in need and we need your support to do it.

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